Purchase & Payment


To purchase an item from lovehandbags.co.uk, simply click on the add to basket icon on the product description page.  Your selection will then show in your shopping basket on this website.  If you wish to purchase another item simply follow this procedure and the shopping basket will display all purchases with a total cost (minus postage).

When you are ready to complete your purchase/s click on checkout beneath the shopping basket.  You will then be taken to a secure page where you will be required to provide details for billing and delivery.  You will also be asked to tick a box if you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, and to then click proceed to the checkout page.

Secure checkout

On the checkout page you will be able to review a summary of your purchase/s including postage costs, alongside your submitted billing and delivery details.  At the foot of this page you will be asked to ammend any incorrect details (to facilitate efficient delivery upon completion of payment), then  continuing to a secure payment page where you can choose your method (card type) of payment.

Secure payment via Paypal

Love Handbags accepts all major credit and debit cards through our highly trusted Paypal payments system. You are not required to hold a Paypal account to use our Paypal payment system. You can view the accepted methods alongside the Paypal logo at the foot of our website.

Confirmation of order

Upon the successful completion of the transaction process you will receive an email (to the email address supplied during checkout) with your order reference number and confirmation of your purchase/s.  We request that you please keep this information safe for future reference.

By completing the transaction you are agreeing to our full terms and conditions.