100% genuine and fully authenticated with an indepth inspection of craftsmanship, fabric quality and the minutae of detailing specific to each individual item you see in our store.


100% Authentic…

and always in fabulous condition. We only ever sell genuine goods, whilst fully supporting the design industry and conscientious shopping. If it isn’t the real deal, you simply won’t see it on our website!



to deliver on our promise of authenticity through our in-depth knowledge and experience, we offer a no quibble refund policy – for peace of mind and a worry free retail experience.

      Why we are against copying in design

We hold an inherent respect for designers, originality, quality and brand ownership.

The purchase of  ‘luxury’ or ‘designer’ goods on line, can be problematic in that many of these items (both new and pre-loved) are poor quality mass produced counterfeit goods. In the pre-owned market, items are either mistakenly or dishonestly advertised as authentic. Some are advertised at a price which reflects an inferior quality of the item, whilst many higher end copies sadly command prices close to the genuine article.

The effects of mass counterfeiting runs deep within the societies which produce these goods, whilst collateral issues spread across continents, with child labour rife and families destroyed – the baseline victims of this industry.

Counterfeits do concern us all, from handbags to household goods, to food products, medicine, electrical goods and faulty iPhone chargers – at it’s most fundamental counterfeiting is affecting our everyday health and safety.

Fakes are never in fashion: is an educational resource with the aim to make consumers aware of the detrimental factors arising from the counterfeit industries. More on this issue from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) can be found in the following link:$1-7-trillion-by-2015/