About us



Originally launched in 2008 lovehandbags.co.uk has it’s roots firmly established as a go to place for genuine pre-owned designer handbags. We offer a highly personal & 100% guaranteed retail experience – paired with the best customer service for your complete satisfaction.



We offer a great selection of genuine new and gently pre-owned designer handbags, luggage and accessories. Our products span contemporary, classic and vintage luxury goods, with only truly stylish authorised items gaining a place on our shelves.



We believe every beautiful handbag deserves a second chance with a caring new owner. We understand the dilemmas in buying a pre-loved designer handbag & making sure your investment is a good one. So we always place you and of course your new handbag first!

How we do it…

Over the years lovehandbags.co.uk has built a reputation both within the UK and internationally, as a highly trusted online source for genuine luxury handbags & leather goods. From the launch of our website in 2008, our client base grew steadily with many of our customers recommending our services to others.

We only ever sell genuine designer handbags and leather goods in as near perfect condition as possible.  We love to keep our standards high, taking pride in the genuine nature and beautiful condition of each of our items.

Each of our items is cherry picked, whilst most come from our established client base, whose fab wardrobes we’ve been invited to peruse.

Our company has grown and is based upon a foundation of in excess of 16 years of in hand experience and a wealth of understanding of the pre-loved designer goods market. We authenticate the majority of our items, however will on occasion work alongside an independent authenticator with indepth specialist knowledge of their particular brand.

We love to look after our customers and your handbags, making your whole experience from start to finish risk free and enjoyable!

& where from…

Whilst our selling forum is online, we work from our company studio, which is based in Stockport, Cheshire UK and located on the edge of beautiful British countryside. We are close to Manchester city centre and it’s international airport… from where many of our handbags regularly travel to colder, warmer and sometimes exotic climates!